Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation
Seminars, conferences, discussions, “penal discussions”, meetings and sessions have become so common in our everyday life that one cannot image how to do without them.
All these events are usual and convenient. But final success of any of them depends on professional attitude and support.
One of the business areas of “WellDone” translation agency is complex technical support of business events. We have modern and reliable equipment forsimultaneousinterpretation.
There is required special technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation: an interpreter is sitting in an isolated booth with headphones (in order his/ her voice does not damp the speaker’s voice), his/ her interpretation is going to the listeners’ headphones by means of sound amplification equipment.

Standard set of equipment for simultaneous interpretation:
  • a special booth
  • a headphone set
  • microphones
  • sound-amplification equipment 
              Our company may also provide professional interpreters’ services and other technical support to ensure perfect holding and success of your event.  
Price for lease:

Equipment leasing:  
Equipment for simultaneous interpretation - 2 working languages per day, radio set
Number of sets (pcs.) up to 50 up to 100 up to 150 up to 200 up to 250 up to 300
Price per day (UAH)
1250 2500 3750 5000 6250 7500
Each additional working language includes extra charge in the amount of 50%

Sound-amplification equipment set

(1 sound-amplifier, 2 column loudspeakers, 1 audio mixing console)

510 UAH
Wireless microphone
150 UAH
Digital audio recording to a CD disk
UAH 522
550 UAH
“Panel discussion” sound-amplification
от 500 UAH
Delivery, assembly and disassembly in Kyiv UAH 255
Delivery, assembly and disassembly in  in suburban area
355 UAH